Monday, March 23, 2009

What a day!

So today started off bright and early! I had to go for a check-up with the foot Dr. and had to bring both boys. Not a big deal at all. Gabe was really good. I packed him some homemade trail mix, and he had a few books and brought those. He did however, spill trailmix all over the Dr. office floor. He picked all of it up, and proceded to eat it anyway. Whatever right? We then went to the library, got a ton more books and even books to help me plan for Disney. We went to Kim's and went to the library in Anapolis and picked up a book they had on hold for us. She showed me downtown, which I had never seen before!!! It is really nice! I can't wait to explore there! She made us a great lunch, then we came home and picked up the living room before Aaron gets here. Now I just have some dishes to do and laundry to start. Zeke is pissy so I better go!


  1. I want to go next time. We didn't do anything near as exciting. Someone needs to buy a small bus so we can all go places together with all our car seats and what not.

  2. Sounds like you all had a decent!

  3. HAHA that would be interesting....I am going to walk around arundel mills today. Want to come?