Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just ugh today

Well it all started yesterday when Aaron went to get the license plates for our new car from the dealership. He ran into Bill, who is the guy that we reffered to Matt about renting the townhouse when we moved out. He told Aaron that his realtor contacted Matt's realtor about renting the home. Matt's realtor told Bill's realtor that the house wouldn't be ready for several months because WE had DESTROYED the home. Bull crap! I am SOOOO mad !!! I am hoping that the JAG letter gets to them soon because I am not sleeping over all this crap. I am letting it stress me out TO much! It is effecting the way I am treating my family, and that isn't ok. I don't owe them crap! And we DID NOT DESTROY that house! Anyone who knows us....anyone who helped us move out, knows that we are not like that.

So, then we went to IKEA this morning to return a crib we had bought for Zeke. We were returning it because someone gave us a crib that is in wonderful condition. We drive 45 minutes to IKEA only to find out they won't take it without a recipt. I didn't want the money back, I just wanted store credit!!! They said it is a new policy that just went into effect a few weeks ago! UGH! It is BRAND NEW in a NEVER opened IKEA box!!! It is IKEA product! Why can't I just get store credit? So, now we have 2 cribs and 1 baby...

On another note, we got Gabea new big boy carseat for my car. And it is so much easier to get him in and out of the car now! I am so glad! We also got him some Disney preschool games to help with the home schooling. Brought some books back to the library, and now we are just hanging out. I am trying to calm down from the events of the last 24 hours. But nothing seems to be helping. I just keep thinking that this isn't going to go our way and we are going to have to come up with all kinds of money we don't have. Aaron and everyone else says that isn't going to happen and I just need to calm down. But it is hard to do when all you do is worry.


  1. I think a gene switches on when you become pregnant with your first child. From then on all we women do is worry. Hope the house situation resolves itself sooner rather than later. Let me know if you need anything.

  2. Sorry to hear you're dealing with all that, or you WERE dealing with all that. I pray things are grrrrrrrreat real soon!