Saturday, April 24, 2010

Liquid diet and a 5 year old...

So I FINALLY got Gabe into the pediatric gastro dr at Mt. WAshingtion Childrens Hospital here in Baltimore. We have one of the best dr.s in the state of Maryland. I was so happy to NOT have to dealw ith military crap anymore! WE are fianlly getting some answers!

For those of you who don't know, and you probably don't care to know either but I am going to tell you anyway, for the last three years Gabe has very severe bowel issues. His PCM *primary care manager* with the military REFUSED to give us a referal to have him checked out. Now that Aaron is no longer military, we can go where we want when we want and I LOVE IT.

So anyway, this weekend Gabe is on a liquid diet, 34mg of mirilax *twocaps* in 16fl oz every 8 hours and an adult FLEET enima once a day for 3 days. *yes he was THIS backedup*. On Tuesday we go back in to take x-rays to find out what is going on in his little tum tum. He has gone from 45 lbs in aug to 34lbs on Tuesday. He went from 50th% in growth chart ot 15%...this is NOT good.

The baby is cutting molars.

That is about it.

Will have more news in a few days:)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Been tooo long

It has been to long since I posted here. But have been rather busy and honeslty not online a whole lot. I have been working ont tagging, hanging, and pricing over 600 items for a children's consignment sale at Ft. Meade the end of April. Along with that and the two kids, cleaning the house, and having a husband, taking the time to blog has taken the backseat.

It has been a rough winter for our family with the "sickness" as we have come to call it. We can't seem to get out of here!!! Once someone is feeling better, someone else turns up sick! It is driving me nuts! I think Gabe missed WAY WAY WAY too much school. But with a fever you can't send them. I would rather let him sleep then wake him up just to turn around and have to go get him.

Spring is here though. And people are starting to feel better, except now we have allergies and allergies with Gabe equals asthma attacks. I am not looking forward to that.

The boys are getting big. Zeke is walking. Gabe is getting really good at video games.