Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

It is days like today, when we are far away from our family, that I am so glad I have such great friends! We had a great breakfast over at Kim and Spencer's house. Gabriel got an Easter basket, and got to color eggs and do an egg hunt with Sammie. He also let us know that Sammie was his girlfriend:) I have to admit, they are TOO cute together. Two little peas in a pod.

I am doing good with my PICC line and things are going great. I am getting better. The medicine makes me very sleepy though. And, I am having a very hard time not being able to pick up the baby.

My dad will be here Thursday night, and I am so excited!!! I love it when my dad comes down. We always do such fun things.

On Wed. Gabe registers for Kindergarten!!! I can't believe it! It is here already!!!

Friday, I have a Dr. appointment and Zeke gets some more shots that morning as well. So what a day that will be. Hopfully I will find out that my foot is better and I can get this PICC line out.

Again, thank you to all our close friends that we are so grateful to have that treat us like family:)

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  1. You make sure to put yourself first this week so you can get rid of this infection for good! Wish I were able to be of more help with the kids for you. I'm sure Kim will be a life saver for you this week.