Sunday, April 26, 2009

Doing better

Zeke is doing better and is no longer sick. My dad had to go back to Vermont this morning. Which stinks. It doesn't seem he was here long enough. I wish he could of stayed longer. Yesterday was a busy day of Flea Markets and yard sales with Kim and the kids. We found some amazing deals though! Last night I started not feeling well. Not sure if it was the 90 degree weather yesterday or what. I started to feel better once I cooled off. But, this morning I woke up with a POUNDING headache. So, I stayed home from church with Zeke and Aaron took Gabe and went. He has to give a talk today. I was supposed to to, but well I am home. I took some Tylenol with Codine and am hoping it will help.


  1. Aaron did a great job on his talk! Several old ladies were talking about how good sacrament was...and it really was good.

  2. I'm glad to hear Zeke is feeling better and I pray you are OK too...? And the rest of the fam. Sorry to hear your dad is not there visiting anymore.... but it's good you had a great time!