Thursday, April 8, 2010

Been tooo long

It has been to long since I posted here. But have been rather busy and honeslty not online a whole lot. I have been working ont tagging, hanging, and pricing over 600 items for a children's consignment sale at Ft. Meade the end of April. Along with that and the two kids, cleaning the house, and having a husband, taking the time to blog has taken the backseat.

It has been a rough winter for our family with the "sickness" as we have come to call it. We can't seem to get out of here!!! Once someone is feeling better, someone else turns up sick! It is driving me nuts! I think Gabe missed WAY WAY WAY too much school. But with a fever you can't send them. I would rather let him sleep then wake him up just to turn around and have to go get him.

Spring is here though. And people are starting to feel better, except now we have allergies and allergies with Gabe equals asthma attacks. I am not looking forward to that.

The boys are getting big. Zeke is walking. Gabe is getting really good at video games.

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  1. Thanks for filling us in when you get the chance, Erin! It's always nice to see/hear updates, and very glad to hear the boys are doing so well. And their mom and dad are doing well too...? : - D

    Anyhoo, have a great day/weekend & beyond, and I pray that Gabe and his allergies/asthma will be OK soon enough.

    Hugs! 'talk' soon, perhaps?