Thursday, October 29, 2009

It is hard to believe that my baby Zeke will be 1 soon:( I hate to think about it. Makes me want to have another one already! I have started working out and going to Weight Watchers with a good friend that had a baby about the same time I had Zeke. We both want to loose some weight before we have more kids. I still have baby weight to loose from Gabe and he is 5!!! Shows you how fast time flies. I know it isn't an excuse for not loosing the weight though:)

Soon Gabe and Zeke will not be the only great grandchildren either. My beautiful cousin Shanna is due anyday with her first baby Little John:) I am so excited for her and her husband John. What a blessing little boys are! She is going to make a great mommy:) It is sad to think that we are all grownup, married, and having kids! I remember her and I just being little girls. Oh well:(

Gabe is very excited for Halloween. He is going to be a spider and Zeke is going to be Eeyore!

Will post pics after Halloween!!

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  1. oh yes, Zeke turning 1 before we know it. Wow! Time does fly, for sure. But with time you'll be blessed with another babe in the house : ) That's great to hear you have been doing stuff with your friend to lose weight and all. I hope things go well, for sure! and congrats to your cousin and the fam on Little John coming into the world any day now... Very cool.

    Have a great day/Friday/weekend, & beyond!