Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Much needed update

Sorry it has been so long! Gabe start Kindergarten and he loves it! We walk to school every morning with our neighbor who is in Gabe's class as well. Zeke is getting big. He is getting his first tooth and trying to crawl. He is 9 months old already! I had my birthday and Aaron got me a GPS and I was so happy. It was something I had been wanting for awhile. He also started his new job. YAY! No more military bull crap!!!

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  1. Hey girl...

    I'm sure you have been a busy bee, so no worries on the updates : ) That's great Gabe has enjoyed Kindergarten, and cool that you walk to school with a neighbor, also. And wow, Zeke is 9 months old already... I'm sure he IS all over, trying to crawl. and Happy Belated B-day, girl! A GPS, very cool. Glad to hear it was good, and also WOOWOO about Aaron having his non military job, now. sWEEEEEt : - D

    Have a great day/week, & beyond!