Friday, July 3, 2009

A whole month gone by

A whole month went by since I last made a entry in our family blog. We went to Disney and had a great time! I will be putting pics up over the weekend probably. After we went to Disney, Gabe and I headed up to Vermont for a week to see my family and pick up Zeke. We had a wonderful time up there with lots of outdoor play! Then my dad came back down to MD with me for the weekend. We went to Bingo a few times and just relaxed. A few days after he left, my MRSA started to flare up again. This time left foot pinkie toe!! So, off I went to Dr. Leone and he started me on antibotic and the next day it was worse. Good new = no PICC line...yet...bad news= they had to numb my foot and cut open a hole for the infection to drain. Not as painful as it sounds.....On Wed morning I went and saw the infectious disease dr. He ordered a TON of blood work and thinks it may have something to do with my immune system...great...So with the news of my foot, my mother came down to MD for a week. She rode with a friend who has family in Annapolis. It was nice to have my mom here. We played outside a lot and Gabe got a nice tan. It was also a big help to get caught up on the house after being gone for a month!!!

On July 14th, I go in to have the start of my dnetal work done. I am more afraid of the dentist than of another MRSA outbreak! Crazy I know!

Zeke had his 6 month well baby check up and he is a big boy!!! He weighs 19lbs and it 29 inches long!!! He is in 95th% for height and 75th% for weight..he should weigh more for that length...but by all means is he not starving and skinny!!!

Gabriel is enhoying having a backyard this summer!!! We got him a small pool and a few sprinkler toys...boy we got a waterpark going on!!! I hate to see the water bill....oh well he is having fun!!!

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  1. No worries, it's fine to 'see' you on here whenever you get the chance : )

    I pray all appointments and whatnot go well and things are OK soon enough.

    and WOW, 6 months for Zeke. and of course it's WOW with the big brother being SO BIG...!

    Sounds like things have been busy, but good. I pray it continues!