Friday, July 17, 2009


Disney pics and other varous pics have been added to my facebook account. If you want to add me it is under Erin Surrell Morgan.

So, it has been 38 days since my last MRSA outbreak...and what do you think I woke up with this morning? YES! You guessed it...OUTBREAK NUMBER 4 DEVELOPING!!!! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!!!!

It seems that there is exactly 40 days between each outbreak. On or about day 38 I start to develop the underlying symptoms....pinkness of the soon to be infected area, swelling, streaking of red lines up my foot into my ankle, and boy does it start to day 40 I want to chop my foot off. So, as soon as I noticed that it was getting more painful, around 2:30pm, I called the dr. to find out what to do because it was the start of the weekend. He was in surgery, which he is every Friday. I left a message with my med tech and she said she would call me back around 5pm. At 2:45 she called me back to tell me that the dr. wants me to keep and eye on it and as soon as it changes to head to the ER and call him on my way.

When will this ever go away?!

My sis in law Stacy stayed with us for the week. That is my hubbies brothers wife. She is so nice and we really enjoy having her around. Her and Alan are going to take Gabe next weekend and he is so excited. He loves his Uncle Alan and Aunt Stacy so much! He really enjoyed having her as well as Aaron and I did.

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  1. Girl, I am soooo sorry to hear about that outbreak, yet again. I pray it gets better soon enough and goes away for good!! I can't even imagine.

    And, as always, I enjoy the pics you post.

    Have a great day/week/weekend/etc : )