Monday, May 18, 2009

What a crap day

With so much going on with me trying to get all th elaundry done before we go to FL, packing for Zeke to go to my mom's while we are gone, keeping the house clean....all that kid of would think I was busy enough...but no!!! The washer leaked all over the laundry room. So now I am stuck here still needing to pack, clean the dishes, feed and bath my kids, but with water drentching my utility carpet in my laundry room out into our living room area. I must say that ShamWOWS really do work. It picked up most of the water. But my knuckles could only take so much pounding on carpet that only covers cement. I was glad to get a call from a friend with a wet vac and hopfully that will clean up the rest. Zeke is screaming, Gabe is crying cuz he is hungry an dI am soaked in water and smell bad... hahahaha


  1. My bad laundry day last Friday is nothing compared to your bad luck. I hope you can squeeze in a few minutes for yourself sometime today.

  2. Sorry to hear that MOnday was most certainly an UGH MONDAY! but I pray things are better now!